Martial arts aces kick off school

Two martial arts instructors based in Las Vegas are helping launch the Cayman Kickboxing Academy at UCCI and Camana Bay next month.

Danny Davis Jr and Derek Weaver are two of the most experienced and respected figures in mixed martial arts and they will be here for a seminar to pass on tips to local students at the D Dalmain Ebanks Boxing Gym on 23 June.

“There are hundreds in Cayman and Cayman Brac that want to learn mixed martial arts,” said Bob Daigle who is a local karate instructor and the academy’s founder. “CKA has just secured two locations to teach classes in Grand Cayman, UCCI and Camana Bay.”

Daigle has been teaching martial arts in Cayman since 1987. From Kenpo karate in the 80s to FAST Defence classes since 2008.

“We have put a lot of research and training into launching these classes. But there is one thing that won’t change and that is the core values that we hold dear in traditional martial arts.”

Daigle knows why parents send their children turn to martial arts classes. “They send them to learn self discipline, self confidence, good sportsmanship, self control, mental focus and a never give up attitude.

“They love martial arts classes because they are challenging and exciting. Mixed martial arts classes are incredibly exciting. Students will learn kicking, punching, exciting pad work drills, MMA conditioning workouts with battling ropes and other new aged training equipment.

“The classes will also include a self defence component to them. We will teach students how not to be in a fight. Part of the programme will include verbal skills training.

“We will teach everyone how to use their verbal skills so they don’t have to fight in the first place. Occasionally in class after a tough workout our instructors will put on Predator armour and the students will have a chance to fight padded assailants in a realistic fight scenario.

“Not everyone wants to get in the ring and fight. The Predator armour suits will allow regular people to experience full contact training without getting hurt.”

Peter Welch, The UFC’s Ultimate Fighter boxing coach fought Daigle in the suit. Welch helped Daigle enormously to introduce him to all the movers and shakers on the MMA circuit in 2010. Welch said: ”No other equipment allows you this type of realistic training. It’s like fighting a living, breathing moving heavy bag.”

Daigle added: “I think everyone remembers the cardio kickboxing classes we ran in the 90s. They were extremely exciting and burned a lot of calories. Whether you want to be a fighter or just train like one these classes will help you accomplish your goals.”

Space will not be a problem. With over 7,000 square feet of workout space at the UCCI, academy students will have plenty of room to practice. Daigle will also be training instructors to teach in Cayman Brac.

Brac-based Justin French will partner Daigle to launch Cayman Kickboxing Academy in Brac. French trained with Daigle at Cayman Karate Academy many years ago and recently resumed training.

“We are very close to securing a sponsor that will help purchase training equipment for this programme in the Brac,” Daigle said. Our goal is to have the equipment on island prior to Davis Jr and Weaver’s arrival on 20 June.

“This way the team flying over from the Brac, Courtesy of Cayman Airways will be able to take their new equipment back. We would also like to thank Coconut Car Rentals for sponsoring a rental car for the Brac MMA team while they are here for the seminars. The instructors said they are extremely honoured to help bring MMA to the next level in the Cayman Islands.”

For information including videos go to Facebook Cayman Kickboxing Academy. Seminars are $50 for one or $75 for two.

Burger King, Aqua Beach, Cambridge Real Estate, Balderamos Insurance, Villas of the Galleon all have agreed to sponsor young people for the Kickboxing and BJJ seminars at the Dalmain Ebanks Boxing Gym. Anyone wanting to be considered for one of the sponsored tickets should email Bob Daigle at [email protected] and tell him why they love mixed martial arts and why they should be awarded a free entry for these seminars.

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