CrossFit teams lift best

The Cayman Islands recently got a unique way to show its athletic ability.

Cayman had two squads place in the top ten at the 2012 CrossFit Games regional in Colombia. The sides represented the two CrossFit gyms on Grand Cayman in CrossFit Seven Mile and CrossFit Cayman.

Jon Pump is co-owner of CrossFit Seven Mile and spoke about the teams that went to South America.

“CrossFit Seven Mile was represented by two teams,” Pump said. “Team one consisted of Chris Spigner, Trevor Amodeo, Zak Kepner, Wanda Brenton, Jenn Chailler and Schmarrah McCarthy. Team two included Warren Weiss, Mike Ivanchan, Mike Backalov, Tiffany Eason, Jacque Hastings and Lizzie Rae.

“CrossFit Cayman was represented by one team in Tim Pell, Matthew Barnett, Fabio Sordinelli, Krista Pell, Ashley Puschman and Danielle Dufrene. They had one individual women’s competitor in Tarasa Barnett.

“The teams competed in six events, staged over three days, with two workouts per day. Different team members competed in each workout depending on the required criteria although everyone competed at least once per day. Individuals completed a different six workouts scheduled over the same period.”

CrossFit is a type of fitness programme that focuses on short workouts of 20 minutes or less and incorporates elements like sprinting, rowing and weightlifting. The Colombia competition is in advance of the 2012 CrossFit Games, taking place on 13-15 July in Carson, California.

Pump states a number of Cayman participants had a good showing ahead of the US event.

“There was a photo-finish in event two between two Cayman teams where Wanda, the anchor athlete, finished her last few lifts and raced across the finish line narrowly ahead of Krista. Schmarrah and Zak completed event three when no other team could and Schmarrah advanced six stages further than any other woman in event five.

“Members of both teams rising to the occasion during competition and achieving personal bests include Jenn and Trevor in event five, Tiffany Eason in event two and Warren Weiss in event three. Tarasa repeated as the individual women’s champion – being the only competitor to successfully complete each event.

“CrossFit Seven Mile is also the first team to accomplish what no other team in any region worldwide has done to date – placing first in every event at their regional competition.”


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