Cayman Prep pupils celebrate Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Cayman Prep and High School students and teachers celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in style on Friday. 

“We wanted the children to learn about the Monarch and what it means to be a part of the Commonwealth,” said Brenda Bryce, who was organising the event along with Melanie Eliot. 

”It was a special day for the students and everyone enjoyed the activities and all the English-style food prepared by parents,” she said. 

Throughout the day the entire school was involved with a number of royal theme activities such as a human time line, which involved presentations of the decades of the Queen’s reign, craft activities and massive tea party. 

Joining the celebrations for the afternoon were parents, who made it their business to see that students and teachers had lots of food to sample and British decorations for the classrooms. 

Some of the children were decked out in hats of their own creation and other United Kingdom-themed clothing, all while enjoying an English-style brunch of sandwiches and scones. 

Student Jasmine Lambert-Wragg dressed up in gloves, a crown and was waving a British flag, saying she was excited about the day’s events. 

To commemorate this special occasion, students finished the day with an assembly, which involved country dancing and presentation of prizes for the best designed mug and crown. 

CP Queen Jubilee 1

Students enjoy British food.

CP Queen Jubilee 2

Teacher Andy Jones dresses up like Prince William while helping students make paper swords and scepters. – Photos: Jewel Levy

CP Queen Jubilee 3

Student Jasmine Lambert-Wragg was all dressed up.

CP Queen Jubilee 4

Students sample British food.

CP Queen Jubilee 7

Tea time was fun.