Brac celebrates Queen’s Jubilee

Cayman Brac joined the celebrations for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee with a torch run and beacon lighting on the Bluff on Friday. 

The Brac joined Grand Cayman, United Kingdom Overseas Territories and other countries in marking the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s ascension to the throne by lighting a beacon. 

Beacons were also lit across the UK, continuing a tradition that was first started to communicate but which is now considered a symbol of unity. The Queen lit the last beacon of the day at the end of a BBC concert that took place in front of Buckingham Palace. 

What it lacks in size, Cayman Brac made up in enthusiasm during its beacon lighting, which brought out scores of spectators 
and participants.  

Local runners, including Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor, took turns carrying the torch. Governor Taylor passed the torch to Deputy Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly who covered the last few yards of the run and lit the beacon. 

The most remote beacon was lit on the island of Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic Ocean, with only 262 inhabitants. Montserrat, whose capital, Plymouth, was destroyed by the Soufriere Hills Volcano eruption in 1995 lit their beacon in the new capital, Little Bay. Beacons were lit in the overseas territories in the Pacific, Atlantic, Southern and Indian Oceans and the Caribbean Sea. 

Foreign Office Minister Henry Bellingham said of the Overseas Territories’ involvement, “We are delighted that so many of the Overseas Territories are celebrating the Diamond Jubilee with events both in London and the Territories. The fact that the Overseas Territories are playing such a full role is recognition of their close relationship with the Queen and the UK. Involving them in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations is part of our strategy of reinvigorating our relationship with the Overseas Territories.” 

The beacon at Christopher Columbus Gardens on the Bluff was identical to the one built and lit at Pedro St. James in Grand Cayman. Home Gas built the fire pits on top of the stone diamond-shaped pyramid beacon base, which were built by First Class Construction. 

Lemuel McField, sales manager at Home Gas, described the construction of the beacons as a collaborative effort with other companies “that resulted in a shining tribute for this event”. 

What it lacks in size, Cayman Brac made up in enthusiasm during its beacon lighting, which brought out scores of spectators and participants.  

Brac Jubilee committee

Members of the Cayman Brac Queen’s Jubilee Committee gather before the newly lit beacon at the Christopher Columbus Gardens on the Bluff. – PHOTO: Katie O’Neill

Jubilee run JOCC Taylor

Governor Duncan Taylor passes the torch to Deputy Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly. – PHOTOS: Katie O’Neill

lighting jubilee beacon

Deputy Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly lights the beacon on the Brac to mark the Queen’s Jubilee.

Brac kids waving flags

Children welcome the runners. – PHOTO: Katie O’Neill