Celebrate stepfathers this week

Children under the care and guidance of a stepfather should take the opportunity this Father’s Day to express gratitude and thanks to him.

This can be a time for children to analyse the value of their stepfather in their life and be thankful for the protection and guidance they receive from him as love of a stepfather must never be taken from granted.

On the occasion of Father’s Day, children must realise that their stepfather has taken the extreme step of taking care of them out of choice and out of love for them.

It must also be understood that it is not easy for a man to become a stepfather and that stepfathers face their own set of challenges and extra responsibilities.

The significance of a stepfather is greatest in the lives of children who are not blessed with the love and affection of their biological father.

Such kids should all the more take full opportunity of the presence of a step-dad in their lives and shower love and affection on their stepfather.

Mothers should also help their children to understand that relationships works hand-in-hand, so if they want to be loved by their step-dad, they must love him too.

The best way to celebrate Father’s Day with your stepfather is to give him a nice card on Father’s Day and tell him how important he is to you.

Children should also express their thanks for all the care and protection they receive from their stepfather.

Another great idea would be to spend time with him doing activities that both of the stepfather and the children enjoy. For instance, go fishing, for a picnic, movie or a meal in the restaurant.

One may also wish Father’s Day to stepfathers by surprising him by preparing him breakfast in bed.

Efforts should be made to pamper stepfather with a gift of love.

Ideally, the gift must reflect that his likes and interests. This will make the step-dad feel loved and needed.

Such sentiments of mutual admiration go a long way in building a good relationship with between you and your stepfather.