Election 2013 will be critical for Cayman

Very soon election time will be upon us again, another four years would have gone by. We must elect the people to lead this country for a new four year term. For many years now some of these same people that will be running in the 2013 Election has been a member of the elected body to help run this country.  

Many of who have done nothing to move this country forward for more then twenty years. Some of these if not all of these people have failed all of us. For as we all can see none of them have put a real cruise ship dock in Cayman in my opinion.  

All of them are failures for instead of a government elected to serve the needs of the people on this island all they are good for is to fight against one another, blame each other, waste our money and get paid to do just fat nothing. Now I hope that the people will wise up and get rid of all of them in the Legislative Assembly.  

They are only there to keep us back. We need to elect the right people to get the job done. So that this country can move forward in the right and proper way; without bias and corruption. We need to replace all present members of government who cannot help us who are only there in office to take up space and keep us back, only to give us foolish lip service and crooked promises.  

Although many may agree or disagree the way I see it is that the two party system is not working for us here in Cayman. We are better off with a whole government body to serve all of our needs, so that no one can point a finger. For four years some other party members have been blamed and once again we have gotten nowhere.  

A better future for the people of the Cayman Islands depends on better people to lead and look out for us all. No UDP or PPM just a Caymanian Government. It is a crying shame to hear the large amounts of money that has been spent by these two party systems since they were created. As well as all the millions wasted on Bad contracts and other wasteful ideas, they have cost us a lot of money that could have been saved for a great time of need or even to finish two cruise ship docks by now.  

What a big disgrace. Hopefully my people will not fall for the load of soil of the new fridge or stove. Your vote means more then that, if you want to get a better government in place then vote for the right people. Not those that just want to buy your vote, For if you sell your vote and elect the same people that you have been selling that vote to for the last 20 years then you can expect to get more of the same for another four years, which is nothing but more bull crap and it is piling up.  

We must elect people of good standards that will not sell us out. People that are educated and will have great love for this country, people we can trust that will not lead us down the path to disgrace. People that can hold their head up high and be proud to be a real servant to the people of the Cayman Islands.  

The time has come to put real leaders in place that will not steal from us or make deals with crooks and cost us millions. We need leaders that we can say to the world, that we are proud to have them as our leaders. I only wish we could say that now but if did we would all be called liars. Wise up Cayman and put in place a proper new government in the upcoming election 2013. Don’t sell yourself out and your vote. 


Emile S. Levy 


  1. The two party system itself is not at fault – indeed adversarial politics and an effective opposition is essential for holding the executive to account.

    The problem in Cayman is that the two parties are not real political entities – they are tribal groupings of people who are related by blood, friendship or interest.

    If I wanted to get involved in politics in Cayman because i had strong views on a particular subject – immigration say, or the size of the civil service, or how public money is spent – there is no set of values I could use to determine which of the PPM or UDP most closely refelcts my beliefs.

    The parties do not have beliefs, or policies, or principles, or ideologies, other than the pursuit of power to benefit their own people.

    This is not democracy, it is oligarchy. Elections in Cayman are a meaningless sham, because whoever you vote for the government gets in. All Caymanians get to decide is whose friends share the spoils for the next 4 years.

  2. Yes, JTB, blood is indeed thicker than water – and the behaviour of most of Cayman’s politicians is even thicker than blood relationships.
    Question: are they more rogues than knaves, or vice versa?

  3. Here, Here!

    A brave Caymanian saying it how it really is! (I am assuming you are Caymanian!) This wonderful island had done OK in spite of all the waste, corruption, delayed projects, over budget messes and much more. It would be truly wonderfull if a government could be elected that truly put the interests of the island before themselves. All residents including all caymanians would benefit from a truly strong economy not just a few people in government living off the revenue gererated by everyone else.

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