No liquor sales during referendum

The Liquor Licensing Office reminds all liquor licence-holders that during the vote on Cayman’s 18 July referendum, between the hours of 7am and 6pm, no alcohol is allowed to be sold.

According to the law, no intoxicating liquor shall be sold, offered for sale or given away at any premises situated in any electoral district in which a referendum is being held, to which a licence issued under the Liquor Licensing Law (2000 Revision) applies.

This restriction applies to retail as well as wholesale establishments and hotels as well as bars and restaurants for the period as mentioned above extends to one hour after the close of the polls.

Cayman’s 18 July public vote will decide whether the country maintains its current multi-member electoral districts or if it will change to the ‘one man, one vote’ system by enacting single-member voting districts.


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