Letting yourself fall into a captivating thriller

Murder, fraud, love, humour and sex.

Not a typical day at the Weekender office, sadly, but some of the hooks for Bob Coyle’s debut novel, Fallen.

The main character Anton Munro is a modern day television personality with his own show and a wild celebrity persona to match; women, money and scandal surround. But who is the real Munro, and will he ever escape the unholy mess he finds himself in?

Well, obviously you’ll have to read the book to find out, but what we can do is give you insight into the author.

“The idea for the story and main character came out of the blue,” Bob tells us.

“I had a starting point and an ending in mind, but no middle. The plot and the other characters progressed from there, fresh situations and characters continuously popping into my head.”
In fact, even after the manuscript had been signed off, he added a further 5,000 words. That’s some head-popping action.

He says that writing is something he’d always wanted to do.

“But my career in advertising always got in the way. I’d reached a point in life where I didn’t want to be lying on my death-bed uttering the words, ‘If only I’d tried,’” says the author, sagely.

Writing and Ivan

Bob Coyle was one of the founders of Cogent Communications Group, an advertising and marketing agency right here in George Town. As creative director and with a background in advertising, his experiences of writing copy for advertisements, brochures and commercials for broadcast clearly stood him in good stead.

“It’s strange how things turn out,” he continues.

“The second book I’m working on is loosely based on a story I put together in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan. Reading and writing was how I chose to occupy myself in the absence of television.”
Some of his inspirations include Melville, James, Hemmingway, Steinbeck, Updike, McMurtry, Orwell, Wilde, Greene, he notes.

“As a movie enthusiast, I love the work of screenwriters Frank Capra, David Mamet, Neil Simon and Barry Levinson. I’ve found that when I’m writing it’s like watching a movie unfold in my head. Quite a number of people have said Fallen would make a great movie.

“Because Fallen is classified as crime fiction I went to great lengths to avoid reading works of that genre. I didn’t want subliminal influences sneaking in the back door. Mind you, since I’ve started writing there hasn’t been time to read other stuff.

“Obviously, I’d love the book to be successful. It’s early days, and I’ve had some very enthusiastic and encouraging feedback 
to date.”