Notable Women’s conference set

Theresa Thomas’ Notable Women’s Ministry second women’s conference, “Letting go and Letting God”, will be held next week at First Assembly of God on Old Crewe Road. 

“Struggling? Then this is the ultimate weekend for you,” Ms Thomas said.  

Rita Twiggs, formally of T.D. Jakes Ministries – along with local praise and worship team Diane Jonson and Alex Allison; Dancer Wendee Miller and relationship coach Rose Donald – will empower you with the word of God.” 

The three-day workshop is scheduled to run from 28-30 June, with each day starting at 7pm. The registration fee is $30. Register early and you could win a trip on Cayman Airways. 

Guest speaker Rita Twiggs has been in ministry for more than 40 years. She served as first female pastor at The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas under the leadership of Bishop T.D. Jakes and is the president and chief executive officer of Rita Twiggs Ministries, Inc. She is the author of many books and travels to cities all across the United States. 

“As a woman, I know times are difficult, but we all have to get to the place of loving each other like Christ loved us,” Ms Thomas said. “This is the ultimate girlfriend weekend when women can come together, no matter the race, colour, society level or church denomination to praise, pray and fellowship with each other and to remember God has given us his power. We only have to activate it and use it.  

“Say no to the struggles by his grace and mercy,” Ms Thomas said. “Let it go and let God handle it,” she said. “Women who are tired of hurting, tired of pain, tired of being sick and tired. This is the conference for you.” 

According to Ms Thomas, last year’s conference drew more than 700 women to hear speakers Pastor Ellen Peguero, Joan Fear, Elsa Bobb and Prophetess Pamela Ward.  

“Women are still talking about that conference and what a welcome it was into their lives,” she said. 

Rita Twiggs

Rita Twiggs, guest speaker at Notable Women’s Ministry conference. – Photo: Submitted