Steps to success

Step 1

Close the past to open your future.

Today is tomorrow’s yesterday just as tomorrow is today’s future. ALL yesterdays become the past, which is done and gone. And all tomorrows become the future; grasp it and prepare to live it better than yesterday. Bring the good parts of the bad experiences with you (the learning, the rewards), and let the rest stay in the past.

Step 2

Make a decision to bounce back!

This sounds so simple. But it can be the most difficult step in the process.

The truth is, deciding to step up is where it all starts. Everything you do next can be traced back to that fateful decision not to sit there and take it, to do something about it. Remember, not making a decision is a decision– a decision to do nothing.

Step 3

Take action on your decision.

Move on. Get over it. This is an important step in getting past negative outcomes.

Remember the saying “Where a door closes… a window opens.” The first step is to acknowledge that the door has closed, no matter how difficult that may be but to also realise that a window has opened.

Step 4

DO NOT quit.

Don’t ever let one disappointment discourage you from moving forward. Even if it was your “fault,” that does not brand you as a failure. Backing down or quitting is a losing proposition. Yesterday is gone, and you can’t change what has already occurred. But you can change how you deal with your yesterdays. And you can build on what you learn from every experience, good and bad.

Step 5

DO NOT dwell.

It is OK to acknowledge that something went wrong but it is not okay to hold onto it for dear life. Dwelling on the setback and over-analysing it will amplify its negative effects so just make peace with it, breathe and just let it go.

Step 6

Believe to achieve.

Settle into a mindset that all experiences, good and bad, are relevant.

Believing that you can learn something from a failure, overcome it, and move on is essential to your well being and future success.

Like any success technique, you might not get it right away but if you keep at it, eventually you will. And remember practice makes perfect.

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Catherine Tyson is the author of I’m Somebody’s Mama and host of the Lighten Up Show With Catherine Tyson on Cayman 27.