CASK grading kicked in

The Cayman Associated School of Karate held its second Youth Graduation of the year at its headquarters at the King’s Sport Centre two weeks ago.

This exciting and important event saw close to 80 youths being promoted up the ranks of white through brown belt. The CASK dojo at King’s was packed with family and friends supporting the many athletes. Also in attendance were CASK’s promoted junior black belts who assisted in leading the class and presented the new ranks.

Since 2006, Sensei Greg Reid (8th Dan in Wado Karate), Chief Instructor, has been building the high-level Youth Program at CASK with hopes of developing a national competition team to represent the Cayman Islands in future years.

CASK also offers women’s only, and adult co-ed karate programmes year-round at King’s.

CASK teaches one of the four main legitimate styles of Japanese karate in the world called Wado. Karate is a great activity for youths to be involved in not only because of the self-defence and physical fitness, but also the excellent discipline, respect, leadership skills that the Youths learn.

CASK will be in full operation over the summer months and newcomers are welcome at any time. This is a great way for kids and adults alike to get active and stay busy over the summer holidays.

For more information about CASK visit, or call Sensei Greg Reid on 925-3367.