Mace should be legal in Cayman

I agree with Deirdre Macken’s letter in the Monday, 18 June, 2012, copy of your paper. I hope that the day we can carry and use mace legally to defend ourselves is almost here. I believe it is my human right to defend myself. Please help me to do so within the law.

Women in the Cayman Islands speak up loudly; we do not wan another tragedy to happen before we all start clambering for means to defend ourselves, which happens every time something bad happens to a woman. We just as quickly forget it after a few weeks. This is the 21st Century; let’s stop being so reactive and instead become forward minded and proactive. We also voted these ministers into power. Please, legislators, do something about this very soon.

Maybe if women had effective ways to protect themselves there wouldn’t be any need for social services to keep their home for battered women.

Stella Martin

Second that idea

I am writing to support Ms Deirdre Macken’s letter to you about making mace legal. I, too, have been wondering about the outcome of our plea to be able to carry mace or pepper spray to defend ourselves from attackers.

To the women of the Cayman Islands, please join this fight. Speak up; the life you save might be your own.

Barbara Bennett

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  1. Stella/Barbara

    I’m on your side totally, along with Denny and many others.

    I’ve had an entire business plan shot down by the established authorities becuase it offered a clear, structured strategy to provide self-defense and security services training that would have involved providing the highest-level skills in the areas that you are now calling for…the use of non-lethal tools.

    My conclusion for them aborting this plan was that they, themselves, wanted the business and that even if my business wasn’t going to be the one…someone would be be allowed to operate and provide these services; I would have felt much better had the services been provided, period.

    Now, almost 4 years on, we see where things have reached, with ladies such as yourself crying out for the help that you need, and those cries still falling on deaf ears.

    My suggestion to you is this.

    There is an election coming up in less than a year; don’t wait until you have elected/re-elected useless liars who will promise you anything to get elected.

    Form a women’s (and men’s) self-defense association NOW, with people of good character who feel the same way as you do…and campaign for your agenda of more tools and training for self-defense…while this election campaigning is in progress.

    And let these useless liars/would-be politicians know that unless your association is granted what you wish, they will NEVER receive not even ONE vote from any of your membership.

    No new laws need to be passed, the law is already there; it is how the RCIPS’s administration and regulation of this law stands at the moment that is causing your problem.

    Take this to them and I guarantee you, you will see results.