Take a stand

The Chamber Council is made up of 12 individuals who have made a commitment to improving the quality of life of our community, as well as the operating environment for local businesses and investors to the Cayman Islands.

This takes many different forms but each one of us has made the decision to act in a proactive manner and have our collective voice heard in the arena of politics and policy.

We are not political and remain non-partisan when it comes to any political party or leader. Instead we seek to increase political awareness and build a community of educated and involved individuals. When we speak as a Council, it is done without bias and with great consideration on behalf of our membership.

But there is a time when a person needs to stand alone and give their opinion and we are very fortunate to live somewhere that offers us the freedom and opportunity to do that. The July referendum for one person, one vote or a single member constituency is just days away (18 July) and we highly encourage those that are eligible to use their power and come out and cast your vote.

We believe a single member constituency is a fairer type of electoral process that will increase the accountability of our elected officials. We believe it will build a stronger connection between constituents and their elected members and avoid or check incompetent, fraudulent or corrupt behaviour.

It also removes the frustration of a wasted vote on a candidate that is unlikely to win.

With a single member constituency you can vote for an individual who you feel can best represent your community’s interests. It becomes about the talents of your chosen candidate and not a group or the popularity of a candidate’s running mates. It removes any vagueness of responsibilities and promotes accountability and good governance.

This is the time to stand up and be counted as an individual. Your vote really means something – and your non-vote does too. 7,582 or 50.01 per cent of eligible voters must come out and vote “yes” for the outcome to be binding in favour of a single-member constituency electoral system.

But this is not the end of your influence over the governing of our Islands and how we manage our resources and population. As a member of the Chamber you can be effective in a number of ways including joining our Small Business Committee or serving on the Chamber Council.

Although many of our members are content to let us speak on their behalf, there is an increased participation on a higher level. The Future of Cayman is an excellent example of this as community and business leaders get hands-on with raising the bar of quality of life and economic development in the Cayman Islands. Hundreds of people have given their time and expertise to this economic development initiative and we are seeing meaningful results from all five driver groups.

On 23 November we will hold our second Future of Cayman Forum at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, which will look at our progress to date and how we move ourselves closer to our set objectives and goals. This will be open to all interested parties as we celebrate our successes and promote the shared vision of this public private partnership.

If you would like to find out how to be more involved in the Chamber or the Future of Cayman please contact [email protected]