Who’s footing the bill?

I was very interested to see an ad against the one man one vote campaign on TV this weekend – even more interested to see the tag line at the end which read “Paid for by the Office of the Premier”.

As this didn’t say “Paid for personally by the Premier”, I would imagine it’s safe to assume that this ad campaign is funded by government, which of course is funded indirectly by us.

I have a problem with this. Specifically, using “our” money (of which we’re all painfully aware there is a shortage) to fund a campaign under the guise of “informing the public” and then taking the easy way out. Why knock on doors or have volunteers set up stalls in the public domain when you can use the public purse to pop an ad on TV therefore solving the dilemma of reaching maximum people with minimum effort!

Personally it shows the lack of respect for the public that has been evident throughout the current Premier’s term of office.

That said, it really does go a long way to show the difference between those campaigning for OMOV and the dedication and commitment those people have had and continue to demonstrate. YES, they have an agenda (to educate and therefore encourage the majority to vote for OMOV). BUT – if you have not had the chance to meet any of those campaigning for our vote for OMOV, I encourage you to get in touch – they are running an honest and educated campaign funded solely by themselves and their supporters and despite not having the government coffers to dip in to, have managed to raise considerable funds in order to get the maximum information out to the maximum number of people with considerable effort on their part and that of the numerous volunteers they have enlisted over the course of the past few months.

OMOV may not be THE be all and end all but the campaign has been transparent and although supported by many political figures is also supported by many with no political aspirations but those who have finally had enough and realise that writing to the papers and talking endlessly about what terrible times we’re in is not enough. I applaud the energy of those who have given up their weekends to educate and those who have been raising funds behind the scenes and all those who quite simply just want to find a way to a better tomorrow – I shall see you at the polls on 18th July!

Tara Hopwood


  1. On the matter of costs, significant funding – public or otherwise – would have been saved had the referendum being held as a part of the May 2013 general elections. The government is already strapped for funding for important public projects, such as the (constitutionally-mandated) youth rehabilitation center. I am much less concerned about my funds being spent on an ad and much more concerned about whether there will be enough funding for the youth rehabilitation centre and other such projects.

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