Friday nights at Elements fizzing with music

Two of Cayman’s most prominent DJs are behind a new night at Elements at The Strand.

DJ Von and Selecta Renegade are the guys behind the decks at The Take Over and Weekender asked ’em a few questions about, y’know. Stuff and ting.

What prompted the new night?

Selecta Renegade: RKM and Elements approached me to, re-visit a popular summer series we did a couple years ago, at then nightclub, D6.

DJ Von: To change Friday nights in the Cayman Islands

What kind of music do you guys play?

Selecta Renegade: Open Format, Hip Hop, R&B, Dancehall, Soca, Oldies.

DJ Von: Everything under the sun.

What are crowds like at Elements compared to other venues?

Selecta Renegade: In my opinion the crowd has a higher energy and I can play a wider variety of music.

DJ Von: Massive.

What are the floor fillers of the moment?

Selecta Renegade: Anything from Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna at this point

DJ Von: Every song we play! Jeffrey Wilson and Young Feva are breaking artists.

Any favourite moments from your careers so far?

Selecta Renegade: My whole career has been a highlight, I feel truly blessed, but the best would be travelling around the world DJing in various cities and islands to DJing at Usher’s VMA VIP afterparty.

DJ Von: Starting my own entertainment company Partyrockers Entertainment.

What are your backgrounds?

Selecta Renegade: Memorable moments are winning the Heineken Green Synergy here, then representing for Cayman in the ginals and placing second. I also won the K2 Challenge at Royal Palms

DJ Von: I’ve travelled the world playing music, Miami, Orlando, Canada, St Maarten, Jamaica to name a few. Recently released my Double Disc mixtape at Elements on of the holiday Sundays which now has over 20,000 downloads. My most memorable gig would have to be playing right here at home for the last Mardi Gras, I played with over 5,000 people in front of me, I fed off their energy and just rocked it.

The Take Over is at Elements, The Strand every Friday from 9pm. Contact [email protected] for more information.