Governor: ‘Still waiting on budget details’

Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor said Thursday that the United Kingdom was awaiting further budget details from Premier McKeeva Bush’s office.

“I have seen reports of a statement issued by the Honourable Premier on the budget yesterday. I think it would be helpful to clarify that negotiations on the budget with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are ongoing: we do not yet have an agreed budget,” Mr. Taylor said.

The governor’s said the foreign office’s economic advisor sent to the Cayman Islands by the Minister for the Overseas Territories, Henry Bellingham, had returned to London but remains “fully engaged” in the budget process.

Governor Taylor said that representative would need to see a draft budget that fits the UK’s proposed framework before he could recommend to Minister Bellingham that he approve it.

“He has made clear that he would expect the Cayman Islands Government to achieve this through a combination of expenditure savings and measures to raise revenue: the precise nature of these is largely a matter for the Cayman Islands Government but they must be credible and sustainable,” Mr. Taylor said. “At this time, the Economic Advisor is still awaiting detailed proposals on the budget from the Cayman Islands Government.”

Gov Duncan Taylor


  1. Here’s an idea, Take the two unfinished schools and sale them to the CEZ, Cayman can’t afford them anyway use the money to pay off debt and balance the budget. If more space is needed for school kids add on to the existing buildings when needed or you may just have to have larger classes

    If any Government entities are paying rent for office space move them into the new administration building and trim the excess fat. People can share offices if needed and turn the AC down a bit. Sale the sewer system and the turtle farm to the highest bidder. Put a freeze on any government expenditures that are not absolutely necessary and this includes so called Nation building funds as well as some poor assistance and social services, if there were cutbacks in these area, people may be more will to take that job cleaning room or washing dishes that’s currently held by and expat.

    Tough times call for tough measures.

  2. If the UK is waiting for Bush to produce a document which resembles a budget, I hope they have a good oxygen supply on hand. Cant get blood out of a stone and trying to get something intelligent out of Bush, is the equivalent.

  3. Our Premier has blundered badly:

    Discriminating against Expats is a violation of universal human rights as well as United Kingdom laws.
    It is a major international blunder because Her Majesties government won’t idly stand by and allow this type of behavior to happen to her subjects from all over Her Kingdom. I’m surprised that this was not discussed in cabinet and with legal staff before such a proposal would be brought forth. This will cause an international incident if it is not quickly withdrawn and a better system drawn up with intelligent thought or the FOC or even Parliament will do it for this government.

    Albert Jackson

  4. With all due respect Albert, I dont think you understand that we have always had discrimination. And you can find it in the same countries our expats are from. Isn’t it discriminatory that expats need work permits and Caymanians dont? Isn’t it discriminatory that Civil Servants get special preveleges and expats dont? We can go on and on

    This has nothing to do with race discrimination. It has to do with who is an expat and who isn’t, and who is PPM and who is UDP. I know how this politics work in Cayman. I am born and raised here in a country where we are outnumbered.

  5. @NJ2Cay: Come on now!, The schools?, why not suggest employers give their staff a raise, a cost of living adjustment they call it in the states.

    The Premiere should have implemented a 5% tax across the board with deduction starting with earnings over 35,000 from both Caymanians and foreigners working here. This would have been lest controversial and almost painless.

    To suggest selling more of our National properties in order to increase profit margins of business or labor is asinine.

    Take the US tax structure as an example; if we were to adopt just two of their tax regiments, payroll tax and sales tax, would you still say it is unfair..

    The Premiere did not even say Income tax which is quite different from Payroll tax.. Interest on ones saving is income so is retirement benefits to name only two.

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