Lime Bringing the islands closer together

Thanks to modern telecommunications, it is much easier to keep links between Cayman and Jamaica close. Whether through traditional land line telephones, mobile phones or the Internet, Jamaica has never been closer. Much of this is thanks to LIME, which through its precursor, Cable & Wireless, brought modern telecommunications to much of the region. The company has been investing heavily in building out telecommunications infrastructure in the region over the years, including the creation of the Cayman-Jamaica fibre cable, which provides a direct link between Grand Cayman and Jamaica. This bond can prove a vital lifeline for Cayman’s telecommunications industry as it provides an alternative should a disaster befall the cable system that runs to Central America. It also reinforces the importance on links between Cayman and Jamaica, for the betterment of both countries.

“The Cayman Islands has a long rich history with the people of Jamaica and LIME continues to keep them connected,” said Tony Ritch, general manager of LIME Cayman Islands.

“In celebration of Jamaican Independence we will be launching a special offer for the month of August to call Jamaica at a great rate so everyone should watch out for more information.”

Given the Jamaican government’s recent increase of tax on calls to Jamaica, Mr. Ritch also had some good news for local LIME users.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to confirm that we will not be raising our rates to call Jamaica. We have and will continue to give LIME customers great value; we know how important it is to stay in touch with family and friends.”