Influence of my expatriate Community Enhancement Fee

I will no longer dine in a local restaurant.

I will no longer maintain my local cable.

I will no longer maintain my local internet.

I will no longer maintain my gym and local sport club memberships.

I will no longer employ my nanny.

I will no longer invest my 5 years of savings into a local property.

I will no longer invite my 10+ family members to visit the Cayman Islands each year.

I will no longer fly the local airline.

I will no longer invest in my local pension.

I will no longer purchase alcohol from a local business.

I will no longer contribute to local charities.

I will no longer visit the Sister Islands twice a year.

I will no longer purchase a vehicle from a local car dealer.

I will no longer visit a local tourist attraction.

I will no longer organize office parties in a local establishment.

I will no longer shop for household items locally.

I will no longer refer friends to visit this island.

I will begin expatriating my savings.

I will send my children off island to private school in my country.

I will purchase my nanny a plane ticket home to her country.

I will purchase my alcohol at duty free before flying back to the island.

I will leave this island within 24 months.

Scott Simpson


  1. I will miss the Expat who came to our island and made it so well that they were able to bring another Expat to work as a nanny and do all those things.. Whaaaa, sob sigh. Please don’t go we will cut 1000 civil servant, you just keep your nanny and stay..

  2. Good article and very true. Confused – there is no point in arguing with On-Guard – too narrow minded and obtuse to realize the consequences of this.

  3. For years we have been saying, Expats take jobs from qualified Caymanians. For years we have been saying, Civil servants cost too much, let’s eliminate them, and reduce the Government budget. If both statements are true, here is a simple solution that negates the need for a payroll tax. Let us cut civil servants and release them into the private sector. This should have the same equalizing effect as cancelling a private employer’s need to pay pension-at a minimum and will likely garner higher savings on both sides. Why? Quite simply, with the flood qualified Caymanians now available (the local high school is not producing them.) local businesses will finally have a range of employment options of varying age and experience levels, enabling them to terminate their expat employees, thus saving on work permit fees, training, housing allowance, and any other perks. Meanwhile, Caymanians no longer have to feel disenfranchised. Why hasn’t this happened? Simple: Government has no desire to actually reduce deficit beyond merely paying lip service to the process. If they had gone as far as they could go Mr. Bush would no longer have a fleet of vehicles maintained on the country’s dime, nor a cook/housekeeper and he’d have kept his initial campaign promise to slash MLA salaries.

  4. Catlover2012,

    You are indeed a Cat lover, certainly not a lover of humanity!
    To suggest we lay off civil servants to pander to non-Caymanians is an insult and slap in the face.
    We are much more intelligent than that and so is the Premier who everyone knows is a brilliant wizzard.

    Now one question:
    I disapprove of your work permit sinc you are a social menace suggesting that we release civil servants into the private sector as though they are cats and dogs and not precious human beings.
    It is no wonder the premier saw fit to tax you.

    You have no respect for human life!

    the private sector did not hire Caymanians they are stuck on cheap labor regardless of the high level of education held by Caymanians, skilled or unskilled degree or no degree.

    This 10% tax sends a message that the WORK PERMIT VACATION HOLIDAY ABUSING CAYMANIANS IS


  5. Dear Liverpool,

    I suppose you could disapprove of my work permit since I am a social menace and ask the Premier to tax me, if I were indeed an Ex-pat. I am however, Caymanian, one of the so-called indigenous ones, no less. Never make assumptions merely on what you read: I disapprove of ex-pat tax, therefore I must be an ex-pat. Suppose I were to say, Since his/her user name is Liverpool, he or she must be a Caymanian who has chosen to live and work and pay tax there, rather than in Cayman. You could be, you might not be. Where is your righteous indignation for the generations of Grandparents, Parents, Children and Grandchildren who have calculated the maximum number of ways to avoid work and bleed our Government for food vouchers, rent vouchers, healthcare, insurance and much more. Instead of demanding taxes for people who have not earned them, why don’t we say to them
    Vacation OVER?

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