Injectable thinness

Mice as ever are getting prodded and poked in the name of science, this time around in a study into vaccines that are being designed to promote weight loss. On this occasion, Somostatin inhibited the action of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor, both of which speed up the metabolism and increase weight loss. Therefore, a modified version of the chemical makes the body create antibodies which fight somostatin and therefore increases energy expenditure in mice.

So now we can inject ourselves thin, how about becoming completely immune to every poison ever?

That’s what our opossum buddies are able to do – those little critters have a protein called Lethal Toxin-Neutralising Factor which makes it immune to poisons even from snakes from other continents that the American opossum has never been exposed to.

When our old friends, the mice, were injected with it they were exposed to loads of deadly venom. The protein diffused all poisons.

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