Jnez raps things nicely

The Cayman Islands rap scene is heating up and it’s thanks to artists like Jnez.

The 26-year-old George Town resident has been making a name for himself of late and with the release of several singles and videos, he seems to be on his way to making a splash in the music business.

“I have been rapping for about 10 years now, though I really began to take it seriously two years ago,” explained Jnez. He noted that the art form was always a passion.

“My first instrument was the drum kit, which I have been playing since the age of seven but once I was introduced to rap and started with that it became my main focus.”

The artist has been busy working on his craft lately and detailed his goals, as they relate to music.

“My plan with music is to simply make the best music I can. The stuff I produce is feel-good music and the fact that I live in a multicultural society gives me an advantage, as I have the creative license to rap, DJ and sing. I just want to take it as far as I can.”

Jnez said he would love to be signed to a major label but he is content with doing his work independently for the time being. He will be releasing another single this week titled, “Hold You”.

In addition to doing his own music production, Jnez shoots, produces and edits his own videos, with the help of his team, who include Michael Moethen, Justin Rankine and A.K.A. Phresh.

Look out for Jnez performing at the Wete Fete on 17 August at this year’s Rodney Bodden Memorial Weekend.

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