Forum tonight to discuss budget

Generation NOW invites the public

Talk show host Austin Harris is scheduled to be the moderator tonight, Thursday, 9 August, at the Harquail Theatre for a discussion of “Cayman’s Budgetary Crisis – The Way Forward”. 

However, the forum will not broadcast on radio. “As we are trying to improve the public’s attendance and participation at these events we have taken the decision not to have a live broadcast of this panel discussion,” said Marco Archer, a director of Generation NOW, the group organising the event. 

Panellists for the forum are Richard Coles, chair, Cayman Finance; Donovan Ebanks, former deputy governor; Alden McLaughlin, leader of the Opposition; Ezzard Miller, Independent MLA; Robert Weishan, professor of Business Studies at UCCI; a representative of the United Democratic Party, to be confirmed. 

Mr. Archer said the group is charging a $10 entrance fee at the door to defray expenses. The forum is set for 7pm to 9.30pm.


  1. Most qualified people leave cayman for good jobs after growing up in Cayman.
    Now that they left and are living large in the US and UK they should be taxed 10% of there income.
    Being they are taxed exempt in the US and UK on most of their earnings

  2. As a expat in the US, they are not exempt from paying US taxes. Sure they don’t pay all the same taxes as a US citizen but they do get taxed. The same goes for US expats in other countries, Uncle Sam has very long arm. Why do you think some wealthy people chose to give up their US citizenship? To avoid paying taxes on their income.

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