Small ideas fill basket

Well, here we go again; another hot debate for 2012, but this time on a far-out taboo view of income taxes.

What’s next?

As everyone else is throwing in their proposed ideas into the barrel, I suppose I’ll throw mine in as well.

Perhaps at this time, it may not be a bad idea for government to implement a carbon emission tax (fee) on all ownership of motor vehicles, watercrafts and aircrafts operating and entering the Cayman Islands territories, waterways and airspace.

Small and fair ideas are what we need to offer the public, where everybody residing on these Islands is involved in the contribution of bailing out the cash strapped government, rather than the unfair practice of selecting a few individuals who own boats and the dismissal of civil service employees and their benefits to do so.

I understand that the revenue generated from this suggested idea may not be as significantly generous to government coffers as the proposed ill-fated expat tax (fee), but as we Caribbean people say, ‘one coco full basket’ or in other words, another few and small ideas such as this could total a full basket.

Capt. O Diaz


  1. The Government really does not need any more ideas for raising additional revenue. What it desperately needs but seems implacably opposed to, is a realistic plan for significant and sustained cuts in expenditure.

    For as long as McKeeva and others see the public finances as a piggy bank from which they can distribute largesse to their various client groups, we will continue to have budget crisis after budget crisis, and the inexorable growth of Government will stifle and drive away the wealth-creating sectors of our economy.

    It is plain that McKeeva cannot grasp, or accept, this simple and fundamental truth. That failure makes him unfit to hold the office of Premier and he must resign or be removed. Until he goes these islands will continue to decline.

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