Caymanian students urged to register with London offices

Caymanian students studying in the United Kingdom are encouraged to register their contact details with the Cayman Islands government’s London Office, in order to participate in the growing network of Caymanians in Europe. 

Students’ participation in this joint London Office/Cayman Islands Department of Tourism initiative will give them opportunities to attend networking events, obtain information from the London Office, and share their opinions with other students through the Facebook group Cayman Ambassadors. 

“The most recent of our successful student activities through the Facebook group were representation at a seminar on behalf of Camana Bay by Anika Hewitt, and a BBC radio recording of Cayman Islands poetry by Ashleigh Davis,” said Kate Kandiah, the Department of Tourism UK senior executive for market development and social media. 

Benefits also include invitations to the annual government reception in London, where students can meet heads of the Cayman Islands government; assistance with promoting Cayman at social events and exhibitions; and receive notice of all Cayman events taking place in Europe. 

“The next function planned for Caymanian students is a workshop and networking day on Friday, 7 December, in conjunction with the Friends of Cayman group. Law, finance, tourism and marketing will be among the topics to be explored during the day. The event will be followed by the annual reception hosted by the Government Office,” said London Office Deputy Representative Charles Parchment. 

DoT further contributes to the joint initiative by providing incentives and resources for registered students. For example, a Cayman quiz event was held in London this year for the Cayman Ambassadors group. The next contest is to successfully coordinate a Cayman Islands-themed event in a student’s college or university, with the grand prize of a four-night stay at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort and a $120 dinner voucher. The deadline for registering a proposed event is Monday, 24 September. 

“The Cayman Islands Government Office and the Department of Tourism in London offer great resources for Caymanians in the UK,” said Ms Kandiah. “We have worked toward building a network whose members really benefit from involvement, with the equally important objective of spreading a positive word for Cayman.” 

Caymanian students in London

Caymanian students at the Cayman Ambassadors Quiz event in London. – Photo: Submitted


  1. I am a proud single parent of one of these students in this photograph.

    Education Council and YNBP need to ensure that the students studying in the UK and elsewhere are given the financial assistance (for annual shortfalls) that are needed no matter how many years the degree(s) they are pursuing!!

    These students are the future of the Cayman Islands.

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