Close your eyes and think of Batman

As a young child, Weekender ate all our vegetables and spinach and, yuk, I hate cabbage why do I have to eat it boo hoo I hate it it is pooey. So therefore we have no body issues.

However, we were still intrigued by a study by the University of Buffalo in New York, mostly because it involved Batman and we really like Batman cos he is cool.

The study involved 100 college students looking at pictures of Batman and Spiderman, either muscular versions or ones manipulated to look scrawny. Those who saw the muscly superheroes reported they felt better about their bodies after spying the comics. They even performed better on a handgrip test than the other group, who were rubbish on the tests and also felt all weedy and crummy about themselves.

Not to worry, cause Uppsala University, Sweden has worked out how to erase people’s memories – or at least the emotions associated with them. Basically this is due to the fact that repeated “rememberings” of an incident are actually remembrances of the last time you thought of it. This was demonstrated by giving people an electric shock as they looked at a specific picture. This associated the pic with fear. This was then activated by showing the subject the same pic. Repeated viewings of said picture disrupted the “remembering” process and the fear aspect of the memory disappeared.

Oh and according to Adam Frank – an astrophysicist – time doesn’t exist. No point trying to explain it because it’s bending our heads all over the place, but it’s something to do with the fact that there is only Now, or something. He blathers on about it in a new book that is apparently all clever and stuff.

We are worried: If he’s right, it’s a shame because a) we’ve just bought a new watch, and, more importantly, b) the phrase “it’s five o’clock somewhere” is rendered entirely meaningless and that, friends, makes him something of a spoilsport. 
Curse you, Adam Frank! May your continuum be disrupted by temporal eddies at the event horizon. Which you will never reach, because time does not exist. So there.

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