Wednesday’s handicap suits all

The Wednesday Night Running Club hosts their annual club championship over the next three weeks.

It is this Wednesday 2 October from 6pm outside the Old World gym, Lawrence Boulevard, opposite Al La Kebab, over a 5km course.

The unique appeal of this series of three races, is that it is a time handicap with fastest runners starting last. There are no men’s and women’s categories, only one winner. Theoretically, this is the best chance ever for a slow runner to beat the fastest.

Wednesday Night Running club founder is Tony ‘Duffer’ Watts. He said: “Hopefully everyone finishes close together, then we redo the handicap start times for next week and do it all again, and then again.

The winner is the one who has the two best finish places, not the best times. We need to know who is coming so we can do the maths and 
get everyone in the handicap.

“The race is open to all but the prestigious, highly valued, much sought after, world renowned and very shiny, Jim Kelly Trophy can only go to someone who has run with us on a Wednesday night.”

Watts will run as part of his preparations for the annual Cayman Islands Triathlon next month. As one of the club’s fastest runners, he is 
not likely to be handicapped.

Pam Abbott has won the event in the first event three years ago. Last year’s male winner was Pablo Costa who intends to run with the trophy because he loves it so much. Brad 
Marquardt won the title in 2010.

For more information, contact Tony Watts on [email protected]

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