Gall is making Swiss roll

Cayman Islands footballer Shenel Gall is continuing her brilliance for Swiss Division Two side Neunkirch.  

They beat Bulach 4-0 in their last league game but were hammered in the second round of the Switzerland Coppa Svizzera by FC Zurich Frauen 6-0.  

Zürich are Switzerland’s top women’s, packed with national players and top internationals from around the world.  

Thiago Cunha, women’s technical director in the Cayman Islands, has had a big hand in Gall’s development. He said: “Shenel did very well on the right side of the field. You can see her best moves on Youtube.” 

Neunkirch are in second position with 13 points, only two points behind league leaders Aarau. 

Gall, 20, said: “It was a privilege to play against Zurich’s Swiss national players. We did our best against them but they are a Division One club and football life is like that.  

“We had a brilliant game against FC Bulach but in our last game we didn’t play so well. Everything in football life is a learning process that you have to analyse and refocus for the next game.  

“I’m very happy here in Europe. I’m competing against strong teams and learning a lot from that. We have to focus on the league now. We’ve played seven games already, won five and lost two.  

“We’re doing really well, especially when we play against top B league teams. Our team can’t lose the focus. The games here we’ve had between 5.000 and 10.000 people watching. It is amazing and very exciting.  

“I’ve already played 10 internationals for the Cayman Islands women’s national team. We’ve played against 10.000 and 25.000 people and we all faced up to it strong like we always do. It was a learning process and made me feel confident and special.” 

Shenel Gall

Shenel Gall has settled well in Switzerland. – PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD


  1. For all the egos, attitudes…and blatant favouritism within Cayman’s mens game from when some of these current administrators and coaches were competitive footballers…not to mention prejudices…

    And wasted talent and lives along the way…

    A bunch of girl footballers are outdoing their male players by a long country mile.

    How ironic is that ?

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