Duo wins gospel festival

Two gospel singers are enjoying a newfound area of popularity after winning Cayman Gospel Festival 2012 at Mary Miller Memorial Hall in Grand Cayman. 

“Evangelist Kevin Heath and Douglas [Smith]”, a duo with deep harmonious melody and praise-worthy lyrics walked away with $1,200, a trophy and air play on Radio Love 103.1FM, sponsors of the event.  

“The gospel festival was very competitive and all the contestants did well. We not only just sang a song, but ministered to those gathered,” Mr. Heath said. 

“Everybody Needs a Friend in This Ya Time“, the winning gospel song for 2012 was written by Douglas Smith. 

Mr. Smith’s inspiration for the song came about from trials in his own life.  

“It was a situation I was going through at the time,” he said. “All my friends had forsaken me, my family was not there for me, and so I turned to Jehovah and music.” 

Sitting alone with a box guitar one day and crying his heart out, Mr. Smith said the words just came to him. Twenty years passed, but each day the words of his song continued to play in his head. 

“When you are sad and lonely and no one seems to care, he will hold your hand and lead you to a better land”. The words of the song also had an impact on co-worker Kevin Heath, who found the words comforting at a trying time in his life. 

That would be a turning point for both men.  

“While listening to him sing, it gave me hope. I was going through a similar experience,” Mr. Heath said. “I was searching for love and comfort through entertainment of dancing and comedy, but just as I left the dances I still felt emptiness inside. As I continued to listen and observe Douglas and the lifestyle he was living in Christ, I knew there was more to this life than I was living.” 

As the friendship and songs grew between the two, it continued to draw them closer together. Mr. Heath said this helped him move away from the life he was living to a life in Christ. He called for repentance, got baptised and started to attend the Seventh Day Baptist Church. 

Right then he realised who he was, the purposed he was called for and who Christ wanted him to be. 

One day listening to Love FM, the men heard the contest being announced and thought it a good idea to enter a song, but which one, they did not know. It was not until God gave them guidance that they decided to enter the song “True Friend”. 

“True Friend speaks to young people being in various situations today who might find comfort in the words of the song and bring them to a better place. There are a lot of young people that are going through stress right now and seeking a way out. Before turning to negative things, think about the word of God. He will see you through. That changed the way I saw life,” Mr. Heath said. 

Both men say their main objective is to get the message across that even when family forsakes you, God will always be there and by trusting him in the face of any storm you will find comfort.  

They believe there is nothing to stop them praising God and continuing to praise him through their songs. 

The two are working on a single and plan to make an album with songs such as “My God Never Let Me Down”, “We Will Make It”, “Broken Heart” and “Pure Tears”, which they hope will be played all over the world, in Cayman and their hometown in Jamaica. 

Douglas Smith Kevin Heath

Gospel Festival 2012 winners Douglas Smith, left, and Kevin Heath. – Photo: Submitted

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