Bob’s projector is a knockout

Fighters at the boxing gym in George Town now have an extra piece of equipment to help them become world class competitors – a professional video projector donated by kickboxing ace Bob Daigle.

The $300 projector is Daigle’s present to the boxing team so that coaches and boxers can analyse technique, sparring and general training style. Daigle presented the projector to new boxing association president Terrence Spencer at the D. Dalmain Ebanks Boxing Gym last week.

Daigle is a former world karate champion who recently launched the Cayman Kickboxing Academy which will produce top level kickboxers and mixed martial arts fighters. He has just been appointed the director of the World Cup of Mixed Martial Arts for the Caribbean, overseeing the development of 28 countries in the region for the biggest international tournament ever created for amateur MMA exponents.

Boxing coaches Nayon ‘Donie’ Anglin, Stormin’ Norman Wilson and Troy O’Neil are extremely grateful for Daigle’s donation.

Daigle said: “I believe students and athletes need to have the tools to help in their pursuit of excellence.

“By watching themselves on the big screen they can analyse their mistakes and work better at correcting them. They can also pinpoint when they are doing well too.

“It is also entertaining to watch themselves on video. They can see all the intricate details. I wholeheartedly support the efforts of the boxing programme and the coaches.”

Spencer said: “This projector is a massive improvement to our facility. Fighters will be able to assess themselves and it won’t just be down to what the coaches say. The coaches will also be able to show the fighters what they see.

“Bob has been on board with us for a while now and it is critical for us to develop all sports in the future, not just boxing and mixed martial arts.

“It’s a collaborative effort and the only way to make it work is to work as closely as possible together. This donation will really enhance our preparation for the visit of some of New York’s best amateurs on 10 November. We should have confirmation of who they are sending this week.”

The boxing club has a national team comprising of Dariel Ebanks, Kendall Ebanks, Tafari Ebanks and Thomas McField and includes the female fighters Tracey Seymour and Jessica McFarlane-Richards.

Spencer is a former amateur in the US and he is totally committed to seeing the Cayman Islands produce world class fighters.

“Our goal is to win not just one gold medal at the next Olympics in Rio de Janeiro but several. We’re bringing over the best from New York because it is no good fighting those who are not at the top level.”

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