Carmen’s service is champion

Sports people with injuries are quite happy to put their faith in the healing powers of Dr. Carmen Martinez who runs Cayman Rehab Services on Shedden Road.

With 18 years experience in dealing with pulled hamstrings, ripped tendons and tight calves there are few in the Cayman Islands more qualified to deal with such injuries.

She started out as a physiotherapist at the Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital with Jacqui Smith as her mentor for eight years.

Martinez now juggles her time between here and Jamaica where she is working at Kingston Public Hospital as part of her training to become physician.

A former triathlete and runner who competed locally and internationally, Martinez said: “I have dedicated all my professional life to sports related injuries because as an athlete I understood the importance of recovery.

“I developed the ability to recognise from personal and professional experiences the different types of body related injuries and what is necessary to overcome them.”

Cayman Rehab Services opened seven years ago to service the community from non-athletes to world and Olympic champions. As well as sports injuries, they provide massage therapy, prescription exercise, acupuncture and treatment for cellulite and beauty issues.

Martinez has worked with names as big as Marion Jones, Tim Montgomery, Kareem Streete-Thompson, Cydonie Mothersill, Michael Vick, Ronald Forbes, Chantelle Morrison and the Fraser brothers, Shaune and Brett. Martinez worked with Vick when he was here for the NFL Quarterback Challenge.

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