Online poll: Most residents dine out in Cayman at least once a month

Almost 75 per cent of those who indicated they were residents of the Cayman Islands in last week’s online poll said they eat dinner in restaurants at least once or twice a month. 

Of the 633 total respondents, 55 – 8.7 per cent – said they did not live in the Cayman Islands. Of the remaining 578, 230 of them – or 39.8 per cent of those who indicated they lived in the Cayman Islands – said they eat dinner out once or twice a month.  

“I’ll go to restaurants with my wife a couple of times a month,” said one person. “It used to be more, but we really can’t afford it now. I do like a lot of Cayman’s restaurants, though.”  

“I try my best to support the local restaurants,” said someone else. “But it sure gets expensive quickly.”  

“What about lunches and brunches?” asked one person. 

Another 145 people – 25.1 per cent of those who indicated they lived in Cayman – said they eat out once or twice a week, while 57 people – 9.9 per cent of apparent residents – said they eat dinner at restaurants three or more times a week.  

“This would include take away as well, which we usually have on a Friday,” said one person. 

“It’s not always fancy/expensive restaurants, but I have a busy schedule and tend to eat out a lot,” said someone else. “I also get food from Foster’s or Kirk’s hot buffet several times a week for lunch and/or dinner, which I’m not even counting.”  

“We do our part to contribute to the local economy,” said another respondent. 

“I think we dine because there’s nothing else to do if not drink at a bar, which is rather boring,” said someone else. 

Another 146 people – 25.3 per cent of those who didn’t indicate they live elsewhere – said they eat dinner at restaurants rarely or never. 

“I can’t afford it,” said one person. 

“Eating out is a thing of the past for me now,” said someone else. “It’s just too expensive now here on the Brac. But the way things are going, it just may be cheaper to eat out than pay for groceries here.” 

“When government cut my pay I dropped eating out; from twice a month to none a month,” said another respondent.  

“My restaurant eating dinner days are over,” said one person. “It’s a huge treat if I’m lucky enough to afford road side jerk these days. The supermarket helps make a fine dinner for two at a shockingly cheap price.”
“Once a year,” said someone else. 

“I can’t afford to visit restaurants often for meals,” commented another person. “I only go occasionally with family or friends, mostly for a birthday get together. I prefer my meals at home – much more filling to the stomach and less expensive.” 


Next week’s poll question  

How many different nationalities are represented by employees at your workplace in Cayman? 

Only one 

Two to five 

Six to 10 

Eleven or more 

I don’t work in Cayman 

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