Candidate kit gets governor’s endorsement

Material includes laws, relevant forms, DVD

Election officials presented a newly produced candidate’s information kit to Governor Duncan Taylor, keeping him up to date with preparations for the Cayman Islands’ general elections in May 2013. 

Mr. Taylor examined the kit on Thursday and said he was confident it was going to be helpful for candidates in the forthcoming election. He thanked elections officials and staff for their work.  

Under the direction of Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez, the office has prepared handbooks for candidates and agents in several past elections. In 2005, for example, the handbook was 22 pages about the nomination and voting process, plus a code of conduct provided by the Commonwealth Secretariat. In a foreword, Mr. Gomez advised that interested individuals purchase a copy of the constitution and Elections Law. A similar handbook was available in May 2009. 

Since then, Cayman has received a new constitution. Also pertinent to candidates, in addition to the revised Elections Law, are the Anti-Corruption Law and Register of Interest Law. For the benefit of candidates and their agents, all of these have been put together in one binder together with a handbook, all relevant forms and an instructional DVD. 

The user-friendly information binder is available from the Elections Office in the Smith Road Professional Centre at a cost of $125. In Cayman Brac, the kit may be obtained from Deputy Supervisor of Elections Ernie Scott. 

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