Mail Boxes Etc. Supporting Small Businesses

If you think that Mail Boxes Etc. is only about mailboxes, read on, this story may surprise you. It might even make your life a little easier.

Despite a worldwide presence in more than 30 countries, each Mail Boxes Etc. centre is actually a small business, geared at supporting other small businesses. Opened in Camana Bay in 2009, Mail Boxes Etc. offers much more than just… well… mailboxes.

Flyers, business cards, presentations! Oh my!

Probably one of the company’s best-kept secrets is that they are a full-service printing center. They will design, print, copy, scan, fold, stitch, laminate and fascinate! Mail Boxes Etc. has invested in quality printing equipment so that you don’t have to. Email your print files or bring them on a USB drive. And, since they’re open until 5pm on Saturdays you can feel free to procrastinate that Friday 5pm deadline.

When you can’t buy it locally…

Mail Boxes Etc. offers its customers a US Address service to shop online for specialty items or for personal shopping. They have air cargo service twice weekly and rates start at $6.95 per package, which includes shipping, handling and Customs clearance. They also offer weekly ocean cargo and US mail forwarding service.

A Mailbox like no other

Mail Boxes Etc. has raised the bar on mailbox service in the Cayman Islands. These mailboxes have a unique physical street address, rather than a PO Box address. What this translates into is more functionality and convenience because in addition to regular mail, you can receive courier packages requiring a signature, which is not possible with a PO Box. Mailboxes are accessible 24×7. Prices start at $119 per year, which is less than $10 per month for a whole lot of convenience.

The small business juggling act

According to Mail Boxes Etc., one of their fastest growing services is courier and delivery service. In many small companies, the owner or manager is clearing mail from the company PO Box, collecting night deposit pouches, delivering documents, and running other errands that take up valuable time. Mail clearance service starts from $48 per month and is an affordable option for businesses that need that little extra help.

As an Authorized Agent for DHL, FedEx and UPS, they can also take care of your outgoing courier. Other options include Postal Services with and without tracking, and Global Express where you can send a document to the US with online delivery confirmation for only $20.

Owner Lucy Tibbetts ([email protected]) and Senior Associate Jan Maw ([email protected]) welcome calls from local businesses, whether to look at ways to lower your costs, or lessen some of your day-to-day workload.


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