Protect your home from the elements

Robert Wood Interiors & Lighting is well known for providing interior fittings ranging from flooring to fixtures to lighting. However, one of the latest additions to their line-up is a range of exterior products meant to protect your home from the elements.

The business now represents All Weather Coatings, a range of products that serve as an alternative to traditional exterior paints and finishes.

The range consists of six coating products, ranging from surface preparation to coating.

The system starts with Cleanse360, and all round cleanser which removes mould, mildew, oils and dirt in order to prepare a surface for coating.

Next in the line is SureBond, a bonding agent that was specifically developed to work with the rest of the All Weather Coatings system.

Once everything has been prepared, there are three shields that can be used, each with a particular purpose.

PrimaShield acts as a stain blocker and a sealer which keeps tannins from bleeding through. ThermaShield acts as a thermal barrier, helping to keep the interior of your home cool while protecting the exterior.

SolaShield is the final step in the process, protecting your home from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays. This layer is specifically formulated with colour pigments of your choice and was tested to have a solar reflectance of 87.4 per cent, with the heat that manages to pass through this layer being absorbed by the ThermaShield layer.

If you would rather use paint on the exterior, ExcellPaint is a highly reflective paint that is created using the same technologies as the coatings, but can be applied like a traditional paint thereby reducing labour costs while outperforming other paints on the market.

From these six products, four systems are offered.
SupremeShield is the ultimate of all coating systems anywhere; this system utilises all four layers of protection. PremiumShield uses three layers of protection, excluding ThermaShield. This is a useful system to use on walls that may have less exposure to harsh elements.

The SuperShield system is an excellent alternative to paint and uses just two layers: PrimaShield for blocking stains and SolaShield to protect against sun rays.

The last system is ExcellPaint. This system is a great alternative to paint and does not require removing of fixtures, only Cleanse360 and PrimaShield prior to application.

All systems take seven days to apply* and can even be customised to suit your budget.

“All-Weather Coatings uses an exclusive network of dealers to ensure our systems are installed only by Certified Coating Specialists.” says Rob Garrett, CEO of All Weather Coatings.

“Each Dealer pays for this training and our systems are not just applied by painting companies.”

* this does not include prep work time and weather permitting.


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