Taking the Trouble Out Of Motor Claims

A motor vehicle accident can be a traumatic experience. Even if the accident is minor, there is usually the inconvenience of having to go through the motor claim process. This typically involves obtaining estimates from two different garages, sending them both to the insurance company and waiting for the assessor to inspect the vehicle and discuss the estimates with the garages before arriving at an agreed repair cost. This process can take days or even weeks, depending on how long it takes to obtain the two estimates.

Cayman First has simplified the process. Our policyholders no longer have to get any estimates at all. We have arrangements with a number of leading garages in our Preferred Repairer Scheme, under which the motorist does not have to produce any estimate. Our in-house engineer will inspect the vehicle and prepare an estimate which our Preferred Repairers have agreed to accept.

They have also agreed to provide full guarantees of the quality of their work, ensuring that the customer is always happy with the results. This arrangement  not only relieves our policyholders of the trouble of having to obtain estimates, but it also shortens  the processing of claims by several days, allowing them to be back on the road more quickly. We are now able to consistently have claims settled or repairs authorized within 48 hours of receipt of completed claim forms and all necessary documentation.

In addition, we have introduced a rental vehicle benefit as a standard part of our private comprehensive policies.  All such policies effected after September 1 of this year (or renewed after November 1) will have this benefit which entitles our policyholders to rent a car while their vehicles are being repaired. This provides up to $500 (maximum $50 per day) and we have negotiated special rates with a number of car rental companies, in order to produce the best value for our policyholders.

Why worry about motor claims? Insure your car with Cayman First.  We have taken the trouble out of motor claims. We are Cayman First. First in insurance. Today. Tomorrow. 

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