The magic of Mozart

You may not have heard of Cayman Echoic Services, but the therapies they use are recognised worldwide as extraordinary in their ability to help special needs children regain focus and communication skills.

Their programmes use music as a tool to re-establish the neurological connections between the ear and the brain. This in turn helps the children concentrate on other therapies that are also essential to their advancement. Although specials needs are the main focus of Cayman Echoic’s services, it has been proven that music therapy can benefit people of all ages and assist with relaxation or fighting depression.

The Tomatis Method was created by Alfred A. Tomatis, an internationally known otolaryngologist and inventor. He adapted techniques to treat a wide range of disorders using recordings by Mozart, Gregorian Chant and the voices of his patients’ mothers. Cayman Echoic Services employs the Tomatis Method with very positive results. In fact, Thammy Powery, one of the owners of this family business, knows firsthand the benefits of the Tomatis Method.

Powery’s son was diagnosed with a middle-ear infection, and as a result it significantly affected his communication skills. She took him to speech therapy for about a year in the hope that his ability to speak would improve. Her mother learned about the Tomatis Method, and after only a few months switching to this therapy, he improved dramatically. It was as a result of this personal experience that the Powery family decided to open Cayman Echoic Services so that others could have access to such programmes in the Cayman Islands.

Unfortunately there are a number of children who require the therapy, but their families cannot afford it. Cayman Echoic has revisited its prices a number of times over the past year to try and make it as affordable as possible to all, and has even granted “scholarships” to some, but there are still those who could significantly benefit from these programmes.

As Cayman Echoic’s website states:

“Anyone could benefit from an auditory stimulation programme. Psychoacoustically modified music techniques are designed to stimulate or “exercise” the different functions of the auditory processing system.  This enables the brain to better receive, process, store and utilize the valuable information provided through the varied sound scales in our lives as music, language and the environment in which we live.”

Local companies or private individuals are encouraged to consider sponsoring special needs children for Cayman Echoic Services.

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