Yellow Pages in your hands!

With mobile devices playing an ever more important role in society, consumers want to remain connected regardless of where they are. Through mobile data networks it is possible to receive up to date information regardless of where you roam in the Cayman Islands and consumers therefore expect the same ease of access to information on the go that they would experience at their desk.

Global Directories, publisher of the Cayman Islands Yellow Pages, has launched the Cayman Islands Yellow Pages local search mobile application to provide consumers with a user-friendly tool to easily search and discover local businesses when using Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android devices including smartphones and tablets.

“Consumers are increasingly looking for useful and relevant local business information or phone numbers from their mobile devices when they are on-the-go,” said Eileen Keens, Marketing Manager for Global Directories.

“Our new Cayman Islands Yellow Pages mobile App puts the power of our network in the hands of every Android and Apple iPhone user and gives our advertisers access to a significant number of potential customers,” she continued.

The application puts the power of the Yellow Pages in your hand – it makes accessing the Yellow Pages easy on the go.

The mobile application, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store (formerly Android Marketplace) or the Apple App Store. Through offering the App for both iOS and Android devices, the company covers the biggest players in the smartphone and tablet market, from Apple to Motorola to Samsung.

“We will also be releasing a new mobile application exclusively for BlackBerry at a later date which will allow our users to find it fast in the Cayman Islands Yellow Pages regardless of their mobile platform,” stated Ms Keens.

Research has shown that in the Caribbean, BlackBerry is said to have over 80 per cent of the consumer and business market. In Cayman, around 70 per cent of the mobile market use or own a Blackberry.

“With our upcoming Cayman Islands Yellow Pages Mobile App for BlackBerry users we can now tap into that market and, our clients and end-users can now easily find and discover any business listed in the Cayman Islands Yellow Pages with just a click on their BlackBerry mobile device,” said Ms Keens

The application enables users to search the Cayman Islands Yellow Pages no matter where they are, presenting them with a list of businesses Island wide. In fact, the ease of search is such that makes the Yellow Pages even easier to use. The opening screen presents users with an icon based interface with popular search items including auto parts, doctors, restaurants and schools. Search terms can also be entered using text or voice recognition for any business not covered by the initial icon categories.

Results can also be sorted according to criteria including relevance, distance from the user, or just alphabetically. The results can also be shown in list form or on a map, allowing you to find the relevant businesses easily. Additional information includes business addresses, websites, email addresses and even coupon savings.

Once you have found the company you are looking for, the application also offers easy click to call dialing, so no need to scribble down the relevant number or try to memorise it.

The Cayman Islands Yellow Pages application can be downloaded directly to an Android device by visiting the Android Marketplace at Apple users can download the Cayman Islands Yellow Pages application by visiting the Mac App Store online store.

The positive feedback from users clearly indicates that the Cayman Islands market was ripe for the launch of Cayman Islands Yellow Pages mobile App,” said Ms Keens.


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