Lurch your way through 5K

Whether or not the End of the World is near could be up for debate, but it never hurts to be prepared. As far as end of the world scenarios go, Mutually Assured Destruction faded into obscurity after the fall of the Soviet Union, while Swine Flu didn’t prove half as scary as the predicted bacon shortage. That leaves us with Zombie Apocalypse. Yes, the end of the world, with a taste for BRAAAAAINS.

If you want to be prepared this Halloween, the perfect opportunity will come lurching your way on Saturday, 27 October when the Zombie Island 5K adventure race takes place.

The event will see runners take on a zombie-infested five kilometre obstacle course in Barkers, with each wearing a number of flags representing their health points. The lurching zombies will, of course, try to steal the health off the participants, who need to retain at least one flag in order to make it to the finish line alive. The winner is the first runner to cross the line with at least one health point still remaining. Sounds tough? It most certainly is.

Fortunately, it is not just about speed, but also about brains (there’s that word again!) so waiting for a gap while the zombies are busy stripping the life off a faster competitor could get you to the line in good shape.

Registration closes tonight, Friday, 26 October, at 11.59pm, with runners set to check in at 12pm on Saturday at Karoo in Camana Bay, from where they will be transported to the secret location to face the waiting zombie hordes. Due to zombie content, participants have to be over the age of 14, although rumour has it that the zombies felt anyone under that age does not poses the necessary brains to make them a worthwhile competitor …

After the event, the participants as well as the zombies will get together at Karoo to celebrate an event well run with the Apocalypse after party – between scary zombies and scarred runners, this could be a most interesting party.

Entries are available through

Know the rules

Studying up on your zombie lore could save your life during the race, with the film Zombieland providing quite a couple of good tips from its extensive list of zombie survival tips. A couple of the more appropriate ones are:


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Shake it off

Don’t be a hero

Limber up

It’s a marathon, not a sprint, unless it’s a sprint, then sprint

Double-knot your shoes

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