Story Time at Books & Books is hectic happy fun

Books & Books in Camana Bay is a large store filled with shelves of wondrous adventures, recipes and stories.  

Every Wednesday at 10.30am it is Story Time for tots, when the main floor becomes a seating area and parents with their toddlers and babies can stop by to be entertained for a while. Cushions are set down, everyone finds a space, and then storyteller Neyesha Watson starts her first tale. 

On the day we went it was almost standing room only, and all the children were clearly anticipating the half hour ahead. The session began with a visit from Dr. James of TrinCay, a doctor of paediatrics.  

He spoke to parents about child care, and specifically mentioned something about not having to finish everything on plates. I think I should book a session with him myself. He spoke for about five minutes, and then I was invited to be a guest storyteller.  

My book was “Will Sheila Share?” by Elivia Savadier, an award-winning children’s story about a kid that won’t share with anyone until her Nana shows her what’s what. Being blessed with a booming voice was an asset, and I fancy I had my audience’s rapt attention. Either that or I was shocking them into silence. It was a really fun experience, and I was sorry when I reached the last page. 

I took my bow, and then handed the stage over to Neyesha. She is an old pro at Story Time, and so she read out her first book and finished with a music and dancing break. Well the room simply came alive. The children were on their feet and bopping to such hits as “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” hands waving in the air to the rhythm. 

After that huge workout, it was back to another story. Neyesha turned the book around at every new page so that everyone could see the pictures as she went along. When that was finished, another aerobics session ensued. The music rang out and the room jumped up once again. The children really loved the stories and dancing, which alternated to 11am when it was the end until next time. 

Slowly but surely the room emptied, and families went on their way to walk around Camana Bay, let the children play in the fountains and stop by Michael’s Genuine for some lunch thanks to an excellent kids’ menu. A lot of parents go to Michael’s afterward as the children love the food, and their folks know their babies are getting quality cuisine. 

Story Time is a fabulous, interactive production and it keeps little minds and bodies active. It’s not so long that the kids get antsy, but it’s a welcome break for parents to sit with their children instead of running around after them. 

It is definitely recommended that you get there early to find a seat. This is one popular activity and the worst kept secret on the island. 

Experience Story Time at Books & Books and the kids’ menu at Michael’s Genuine by entering this week’s Experience Camana Bay competition (and others!) by clicking here.  


Storyteller Neyesha enthralls her audience. – Photo: Vicki Wheaton

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