The science of brewing explained during UCCI seminar

The Cayman Islands Brewery was represented at the recent STEM conference by Cecilia Cruz Palma, who led delegates through a seminar about the science of brewing.

Referring to an easy-to-follow Powerpoint presentation during a seminar last week at the University College of the Cayman Islands, she began by speaking about the raw materials used in brewing, taking time to explain it both in scientific and layman’s terms.

The only three ingredients that can be used for a beer, according to the German Purity Law of 1516, are malt (usually germinated barley grains), water and hops. Ms Cruz Palma said that in those days, the open brewing process was actually catalysed by wild yeast blowing into the tanks. The role of yeast in the process was later discovered.

Ms Cruz Palma, who is studying at Berlin’s prestigious brewery school, said that the reason bottles were often brown or green is that beer can oxidise in the sunlight and this ruins the flavour.

Therefore, keeping it in a cold and dark fridge was always advised.

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