in bloom

When I walked into the Bellagio in Vegas, the first thing that struck me was the incredible smell of fresh flowers. This hotel is revered for its blooms, and a garden in the lobby that freshens the air better than any scent from a can could manage, even the famous Febreze. 

Celebrations understands that flowers should be for more than just special occasions. They brighten a room, brighten a mood and bring colour into your life. The new Celebrations store in Camana Bay is a flower shop, featuring stunning examples from all over the world. You can pick a few or four dozen; it’s up to you. And why not sign up for one of their flower arranging workshops? Before you know it you’ll be arranging like a pro. 

I was invited to a private workshop to learn the ropes, and as I walked through the doors, I was reminded of that first introduction to the Bellagio. Beautifully decorating the front entrance is a state-of-the-art multi-tiered floral fountain. Individual flowers sit in water that is aerated with pure oxygen, which makes them last longer. The mixture of colours and smells was intoxicating. 

I made my way to the large counter which can accommodate a good number of people for scheduled or private group flower arranging sessions. In front of me and my teacher Fitz Riley were matching shallow bowls, oases (the dark green block that holds water and is found as the base in most arrangements) and bunches of flowers. He showed me how to take each component and insert it to its best advantage. This flower should be taller than that flower, then add some pretty fillers, and put big leaves here and there to add contrast and cover. 

One of the most interesting pieces was the calla lily, which we stretched out so its stalk would bend easily. We pulled it across the arrangement, allowing the stalk to bow slightly, and then attached the flower to the other side. This simple addition gave the entire arrangement movement and really brought it all together. In the end, I have to say I was proud of my work, and the friend that got it as a gift was pretty impressed, too. See? Flowers bring happiness to the giver and the receiver. 

Celebrations’ flagship floral boutique offers the Celebrations Royalty Card. It costs nothing to sign up, and you get 25 per cent off your entire first purchase. After that, you are entitled to 10 per cent off any of the unique gifts and accessories they stock. The card keeps a record of your purchases and allows you to earn loyalty points that you can accumulate and use in the future. 

As if that wasn’t enough, every Wednesday ALL flowers are 50 per cent off. That’s right – half price! Why not set yourself up for their standing order programme and get flowers delivered every week to your home or office? 

Everyone should be able to enjoy fresh flowers, and not just on special occasions. Celebrations in Camana Bay stocks the finest that Mother Nature can offer. From bespoke arrangements to fun workshops, this blooming garden in the heart of Camana Bay will bring colour into your life. 


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I modestly display my work as Fitz Riley and Joanne Brown look on. – Photo: Stuart Wilson

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