Culture of secrecy abounds

I am enraged by the Cayman Compass Headline article: “Governor’s Office withholds budget communications between the Cayman Islands Government and the UK”.

What the heck is going on? If we, the public, do not know the facts how do we know who to hold accountable – the UK or our elected representatives? It seems like transparency in such matters is a thing of the past. Could it be that the relationship between the Cayman Islands and the UK has become so strained and fragile, so sullied and tenuous that it is too risky for the public to have access to this kind of information?

This culture of secrecy has become the order of the day. Just recently we were deprived of seeing the final report of the investigation into the Tempura debacle after it was paid for by the Cayman Islands Government – a whopping hundreds of thousands of dollars!

This is just not good enough! The public and the elected representatives deserve better.

Dr. S. A. Tomlinson

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