15 dengue cases confirmed

Medical authorities have investigated 50 suspected cases of dengue fever since the start of 2012 and confirmed 15 people had the disease.

According to the Cayman Islands Public Health Department, seven of the confirmed cases appear to have been contracted locally as none of those patients had a travel history.

Of the 50 cases, the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre, or CAREC, laboratory in Trinidad, to which samples from suspected cases are sent, has returned the results of 32 cases and another 18 are pending.

Five people who were confirmed to have dengue fever were admitted to hospital. Two people who were suspected to have the disease but who subsequently tested negative were admitted to hospital, while another three people, whose results are still pending from CAREC, were also treated in hospital.

Among the cases that have tested negative were two children.*

Eleven of the confirmed cases were in West Bay, three were in Bodden Town and one was in George Town.

The Mosquito Research Control Unit has increased its control measures in West Bay, with the mosquito spraying plane making more frequent visits in the district.

Since October 24, when the last update on the dengue figures were released, there have been 13 new suspected cases which are currently being investigated by CAREC.


Editor’s note: This story was updated from the original for clarification.

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