Online poll: Two-thirds like Pirates Week

More than two-thirds of the respondents to last week’s online poll have a favourable opinion of Cayman’s national festival, Pirates Week. 

Of the 597 total respondents, the largest segment – 228 people or 38.2 per cent – said they loved Pirates Week and attend at least some of its events. 

“I think it could be freshened up, but it is great for locals and tourists,” said one person. 

“As long as they try to keep the vulgarity out of Cayman’s festivals, especially Batabano, I will support them,” said one person. “But I do not like to see people humping each other on floats and in the parades. That is not Cayman culture. It was imported from places like Trinidad and Jamaica and it should not be supported or encouraged here. These are family events where children should not be exposed to these displays.” 

“I can’t wait for it,” said someone else. “All the good food and jamming – yahoo!” 

“It should be condensed to one weekend and drop the heritage days,” commented one respondent.  

“Bring back Dave Martins,” said someone else.  

Another 172 people – 28.8 per cent – said they didn’t attend Pirates Week events but they thought the festival was good for the Cayman Islands. 

“Good doesn’t mean it can’t be better,” commented one person. 

“I love the fireworks, but when will we finally have fireworks on New Year’s Eve in the harbour?” said someone else. 

“I don’t attend too many of the drinking events,” said another person. “However, there are a few sober events that I do attend. It’s normally pretty good!” 

“Good or bad, it is a part of our history,” noted one respondent. “Shiver me timbers those landlubbers will taste my blade.”  

“It helps bring tourists,” said someone else. 

Another 123 people – 20.6 per cent – thought Pirates Week had been good once, but had outlived its usefulness.  

“It seems to have gone downhill in recent years,” said one person. “I stopped going to district nights a long time ago because there seemed to be too many hooligans there, but I continued going to the landing parades. Even that seems old and dated now and without the energy it used to have. This year I’ll probably skip the entire Pirates Week festival.” 

“Same boring stuff every year,” said someone else. 

“Just like Batabano, Pirates Week is just an excuse for drunken lewdness now,” commented another person. “These people just need to buy a bottle of vodka and get a hotel room.” 

“It’s a horrendous event now,” commented one person. “It was good in the early years, but has seriously declined in it’s quality.” 

“It’s part of our heritage, but unfortunately has turned into Batabano and the heritage aspect has seriously dwindled,” said another person. 

“Time for a deep review and make it more fun and more professional if its to attract tourists,” said someone else. 

Sixty-two people said they never liked Pirates Week and still don’t. 

“Cayman’s heritage is not about pirates,” said one person. “It is about the essential Christian beliefs passed down from generations.” 

Twelve people responded “other” to the question. 

“I love it, but it was much better produced and much more enjoyed by citizens back in the day,” said one person. 

“I am a native Caymanian,” said someone else. “I once loved going to watch the Pirates Week Festivals, but now, it has become something else which does not represent the native Caymanian’s interest.” 

“We had something unique, but now it has just turned into another carnival where nasty, sweaty, fat people jump around and grind on each other,” said another respondent. “Gross.” 

“I think they should call it Bounders Week,” said one person. 


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