Percy’s brilliance is unlimited

With a name like Percy Crews the image of a gardener or janitor springs more to mind than an extremely talented comedian, but at the Laughter Lounge last weekend the charismatic American extracted some of the heartiest laughs in the two year history of the Laughter Lounge.

Many of the usual topics were covered, such as parental beatings as a child, how white men can’t dance and the chore of attending church. But Crews put a magical spin on all of them and with his talent for visual gags and sound effects, he carried the show at the Great Room in the Strand superbly on Friday and Saturday night. Percy Crews is touring with his new DVD Cruisin’ With Crews, It should be a Christmas best seller.

One particular gag that went down a storm was his first experience of snorkelling and the dialogue with his instructor – who had a weird speech delivery – when things went awry. Absolutely unique and eternally memorable. Most of his set, devoid of expletives and adult themes, could have been delivered to a family audience. Crews is not a household name yet but he should be. It is only a matter of time.

TuRae Gordon from Philadelphia was booked to appear but because of super storm Sandy passing in his region, he could not make the trip. Promoters Rod Jefferson and Brad Watts called upon local favourite Big Kahuna to fill in and he did really well with his observations of Cayman life and characters.

Jefferson is was happy with his late replacement. “Big Cahuna did a very nice set that went over well with the crowd,” he said. “We plan on inviting him back in the future.”

Percy Crews was brilliant but Jefferson is cautious on naming him the best ever. “In my opinion all of the comedians have been great. I think the last comedian to leave the stage is the best because they are the freshest on everybody’s mind.

The next Laughter Lounge shows are on 30 November and 1 December but no one is booked yet. Meanwhile Watts and Jefferson are preparing for another comedy festival in the new year, which seems to get bigger and more exciting by the week.

Jefferson said: “So far we have coming Gary Owen, AJ Jamal, Bphlat, Michael Colyar, Damon Williams, George Wilborn, Wayne Wonder and NFL players and celebrities.

“It will be a week full of comedy shows, parties, sun and fun hosted by comedian Damon Williams from the Tom Joyner Morning Show and his celebrity friends in the Cayman Islands.”

It runs from 9-13 January and reggae star Wayne Wonder will be performing.

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