Stoute decisions

Track and field chief Steve Stoute has been to the Cayman Islands many times having been an executive of Sagicor in Barbados and travelled around the Caribbean on business. He has also visited on sports related issues.

He was here as president of the 26 countries that make up the Caribbean and Americas track and field region and also as vice-president of the 32 countries that make up the Central American and Caribbean Sports Organisation.

Two of the reasons he attended was to determine the venue of the 2018 CAC Games and whether beach games should be included in CACSO’s calendar. The recommendation was that Quetzaltenango, Guatemala would get the 2018 CAC Games providing the town built new facilities and that from next year a beach games tournament should be held every two years.

This was the second time Cayman had hosted the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees General Assembly. “Once again, we’re highly appreciative that the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee and government has taken interest in the regional cooperation amongst sporting bodies,” Stoute said.

“Obviously, the effort to work together to utilise skills and resources in order to further the Olympic ideals of the region is commendable.”

Stoute is also president of the Barbados Olympic Committee. Barbados may have five times the 55,000 population of the Cayman Islands but it only had six Olympians at the recent London Games, only one more than Cayman had.

Ryan Buffet was their biggest medal prospect but the 2009 110 metres hurdles champion came fifth in the final.

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