New management at Sunset House

After 12 years in charge and 23 in Cayman, Sunset House’s Ken Thompson is moving on to pastures new. 

“We are moving up to Calgary. I am looking forward to seeing my family up there on a regular basis and all the things Alberta has to offer – that is exciting,” said Mr. Thompson. 

“I am going to miss Cayman and working for Adrian and Bonnie. It is part of me; I love this place, I love the Island and our repeat guests. It is like the mandatory read of [the Herman Wouk novel] Don’t Stop The Carnival – then you go back and add your own chapter. Life is a journey, not a destination and this is the next chapter,” he added. 

Mr. Thompson said he looked forward to returning for vacations and seeing friends he has made over the years coming to visit Canada in the years to come. 

Taking over management duties are Keith and Karin Sahm. 

Karin heads up the management of staff, housekeeping, finances and group travel and reservations for the dive resort. She has a wide range of responsibilities with a focus on working with dive retailers and dive wholesalers.  

She has worked for PADI and PADI Travel Network for over 18 plus years. Prior to that, her experience includes wholesale and airline staff management with a focus on customer service.  

“It is so rewarding to see the results of a satisfied customer first-hand and know you’ve met their expectations,” she said.  


General manager 

Keith has been put back in his previous position and will continue the marketing, PR and advertising as well as overseeing the property and all other operations as general manager. A former board of director of DEMA, Keith possesses dynamic interpersonal skills and a focused work ethic, vital assets in the tourism industry. Throughout his 16 years at Sunset House, Sahm was consistently identified as a leader. He is on the Dive Marketing Committee of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association and said he was honoured in working with other industry leaders and with such a great team at Sunset House. 

“I look forward to being back on property and talking with our customers and applying Karin’s and my personal touch and commitment to the resort and diving industry of the Cayman Islands,” he said. 

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