Elections Office needs volunteers

Poll workers required for 22 May

The Elections Office has started a recruitment drive in order to ensure there will be a sufficient number of people to undergo training and then work during Cayman’s General Elections, set for 22 May, 2013. 

Volunteers are needed to serve as presiding officers, poll clerks and field officers.  

Both civil servants and private sector employees are eligible. However, as the Elections Law states, they cannot be an employee of any candidate or political party. 

Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez makes the appointments, but these are subject to the approval of the Governor. Once approved, each individual selected will be required to take an oath that he/she will act “without partiality, fear, favour or affection” at the polls.  

An honorarium will be paid. 

The roles of a presiding officer, poll clerk and field officer can be found on the Elections Office’s website along with the requisite application for consideration form. Go to www.electionsoffice.ky and click on Election Forms at top centre. Then go to the bottom of the list shown. The form can be completed online and e-mailed to the Elections Office at [email protected]  

Training sessions will begin in early March in order to prepare officers for their assignments. At the time of appointment the Elections Office will advise as to what electoral district each individual will be assigned.  

For the July 2012 referendum, there were 39 polling stations. The Elections Office’s recent report on the referendum stated that 374 people participated as returning officers and their deputies, registering officers, presiding officers, poll clerks, field officers, logistics officers or observers, along with administrative staff.  


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