Coalition group names executive, not candidates

public interest group formed ahead of the May 2013 general election known as
the Coalition for Cayman announced its executive committee Tuesday, but kept
mum on a possible slate of candidates it would be supporting.

James Bergstrom and accountant Jude Scott were named as coalition co-chairs.
Kris Bergstrom, Clarence Bothwell, JC Calhoun, Jacqueline Haynes, Randy Merren,
Johann Moxam, Gary Rutty and Emmiel Scott were all named as committee members.

to a press release sent out by the coalition, the coalition will manage the
group’s organisational structure and create bylaws.

of those already established for the group, which is not calling itself a
political party, include:

• No individual who has
declared as a political candidate, or is a sitting member of the
Legislative Assembly, or who is actively involved in a political campaign to
elect a political candidate, may be on the executive committee or serve as the
chairperson of a subcommittee or working group.

• Should a member of
the executive committee, or a chairperson of a subcommittee or working group
declare as a candidate, that person will no longer serve on the coalition’s
executive committee or as a chairperson of a subcommittee or working group.
They may continue to be a member of the coalition and serve on subcommittees
and working groups.

• Political campaign
activities will not be permitted at Coalition for Cayman subcommittee or
working group meetings. Subcommittee or working group meetings may host
candidate forums to discuss issues, but these forums will be organized in
advance as such.

“Our purpose is to unite our country, provide a forum for your
voice and ideas to be heard, and to elect independent leaders with integrity
who will always put the country first,” said Jude Scott. “Putting the country
first is best accomplished by engaging all the great and diverse minds in our
country to focus on real solutions and real leadership to get our country back
on a healthy, sustainable course.”

No further details were provided.



The Coalition for Cayman held its first public meeting in November with radio show host Austin Harris in support. Photo: File

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  1. While I do have respect for the persons on the panel that I know personally (the two young female attorneys for sure) I couldn’t help but note:

    Major law firms represented? check
    Real estate agents? check
    Chamber of Commerce members? hmmm think so

    I will continue to hope for educated, insightful candidates who will have as their first obligation the protection of rights of native Caymanians, this is one of the most crucial goals going forward for social and economic fairness and stability.

    Next year we need to have a clear understanding of who is supporting the candidate(s), there we will see what policies are likely to be put in place or maintained.

  2. What a poor example of leadership by the C4C, and certainly a questionable experiment to unite the country.

    Imagine if the General Secretaries of both PPM and UDP stated, as has the C4C, that after the elections 2013:

    No individual who had declared as a political candidate, or was a previously sitting member of the Legislative Assembly, or who was actively involved in a political campaign to elect a political candidate, could not be on a Government committee, working group or Board.

    Is that really how you unite a Country?

  3. Heaven help us, we do not need any of this group either. They will be stumbling over each other in LA and every 5 seconds calling for McKeeva and Alden to help. Guys I like you, but it is not yet your time. This Country needs the same people back in, that is the same people on the UDP and the same team on the PPM. Coalition for Cayman, I would suggest spend the next 4 years listening how it is done in LA, then by 2017 you should be ready. Not not, this this is not about jumping off the street and into a chair in LA, it is about knowing how to run the country.