Looking for political answers

What or who is the driving power behind this Coalition for Cayman? The speakers did not offer themselves as potential contenders for seats in the 2013 elections; neither did they speak of a leader.

One is left to assume that T-shirts, food and drinks were provided as part of an early rush of Christmas Cheer from Santa; I don’t think so. Santa does not practice giving at political rallies.

I have no doubt that those who were promoted as the benefactors for the event are more than capably of the sponsorship, I am just not satisfied with the explanation for the lack of a game plan.

They say that both parties are the problem and they may be right! However, are all 13 party members a problem? What about the two independent members in the House? Ezzard Miller has been consistent and diligent in his responsibility to his constituents, the only Member of Parliament to have a living, breathing working district committee. As chair the Public Accounts Committee, he made progress, getting accounts up to date until the tardiness of the members forced him to resign, or to stand watch over what was fast becoming an unproductive committee.

Arden McLean resigned cleanly from the PPM earlier this year. I have not heard any mudslinging from him regarding the PPM and I hope he will continue to take the high road.

I sincerely wish some in the UDP could find the moral fortitude to follow his example. His term as minister earned him the nickname ‘Action Man’, a title he genuinely earned. Arden has been unyielding in Opposition and a solid supporter of Ezzard Miller.

Alden McLaughlin did a good job in getting the school started, it used up all his political capital; however, history will be kinder to him than his present day detractors. Public opinion today, saying Alden is in jeopardy as leader, we will have to wait and see.

The UDP has really been a disappointment. The better way forward in reality turned in to our worst nightmare. Criminal investigations, rumours of corrupt practices, obvious incompetence and contempt for public opinion to list the obvious. They have become the Hallmark of ineptitude.

So in rides C4C, searching for independent candidates; however, they want nothing to do with Ezzard or Arden! These two fought the One Man One Vote battle with little or no help from big money. The word is, Ezzard is against business, ready for Cayman and Arden can’t be led by the nose into a feeding trough.

Is it too far fetched to visualise a scenario in which colossal capital is apprehensive that a government devoid of Kleptocracy could come to power and prohibit further economic genocide in Cayman.

Thomas Wright

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