Super C is in harmony with Huta’s Future

Anyone fortunate enough to attend the John Holt concert at Mango Tree two weeks ago must still be buzzing from the mesmerising effect of his silky voice.

The veteran reggae crooner was absolutely fantastic for the hour he performed. Had the local acts not impinged on his time, Gentleman John could have sung far longer and blessed us with even more of his golden catalogue. Ah well, there’s always the next time. General Trees followed Holt and he wound up the night perfectly.

It was all possible thanks to Hot 104.1FM deejay Cachas ‘Super C’ Stewart, who plays revival reggae every Sunday night on the station, on the Rockers’ Island show. Holt performed for a reduced fee to help Super C commemorate 25 years in music in style.

Stewart is only 39 and he keeps himself reasonably fit by turning out for First Division side Future Sports Club, a football team he has played for since 2007.

To show his loyalty and faith in coach Roy ‘Huta’ Ebanks, Super C donated a considerable amount of the Holt concert’s profits to the Future programme.

A cheque was gratefully received by Future president Sarah Orrett who said: “We are very appreciative of Super C giving us this donation as times are hard and usually we get our grants from the private sector and the government.

“The economic downturn has given us only little donations. Super C has not only been a valuable contribution with his music but also in sports and we appreciate it very much.

“This donation will go towards some of the students we have overseas who are studying and need tuition and book assistance.”

Future are based in West Bay. They have a history of producing some excellent youngsters, like Markie Ebanks, Dion Brandon, Paul Brown and Denver Barnes but when some have reached a certain level, the aspiring footballers tend to move to larger clubs, like neighbouring Scholars International and Elite – or look at furthering their careers abroad.

It is a dual edged sword for coach Huta. He wants to see them progress but would like them to stay a little longer at senior level to help develop the next generation. Nevertheless, Orrett is pleased that Future is still attracting enthusiastic players for all its teams. The girls’ and women’s sides in particular are doing well.

“Future Sports Club is doing great,” she said.

“We have six football teams and two basketball teams and we’re trying to step up with a cricket team but not sure yet whether we’re going to go in that direction. The funding needs to be sorted out.”

Orrett had an amazing time at the concert. “I only wish John Holt was on for about three or four hours. But the overall show was great. It was the first time I’ve been out after midnight in about 17 years, so it must have been pretty good.”

Super C said: ”I’ve been with coach Huta not just with Future but years ago when he was coaching West Bay United. That must have been 20 years ago. Huta is a good sports man and he’s dedicated his life to this and I appreciate his knowledge.

“I’ve been playing football before music and first travelled overseas when I was on the Under-12 national team. Football really did a lot for me so it is nice for me to put something back. Everybody’s calling and knocking on my door saying that we need some more. I’ve been talking with the Mango Tree management and they’ve asked me if I can put something on for Valentine’s. Somebody else. I plan to get two lover’s rock singers.

“Coach Huta said it was a marvellous show, one of the best he’s ever attended in Cayman. The numbers surprised me. We only printed 800 tickets and it was sold out.” Huta certainly can’t drop him out of the team now!

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